Burglary, including Criminal Trespass, Unlawful Entry, and Breaking & Entering is understood to be the illegal entering of any non-public space with the intent to and purpose of assault, theft, or committing another felony. In the state of Texas, Burglary is a felony offense.

Because burglary includes more than simple “theft,” prosecutors often times add it to a list of other allegations in an attempt to build a stronger case that’s more likely to get a conviction in a court of law. For these reasons, anyone in Denton or the greater North Texas area facing Burglary charges, especially when in conjunction with other allegations, should call the Law Offices of Bruce Isaacks immediately to seek legal consul and representation. These are definitely charges no one should face without the aid of an experience and compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney like Bruce.


What Constitutes Burglary

In the state of Texas, burglary is any of the following performed without the consent of the owner:

  1. Entering a non-public building, habitation, or area with felonious intent (assault, theft).
  2. Remaining concealed in any building or habitation with felonious intent.
  3. Entering a building or habitation and attempt to or commit a theft, assault, or felony.
    1. This “entering” can be done by a person, part of their body, or any object they are holding or are connected to.


One thing many people are surprised to hear is that you don’t have to steal anything to get charged with Burglary. Simply trespassing onto private property with the demonstrable intent to commit assault, theft, or other felony is enough to warrant a felony burglary charge. If you’re facing criminal burglary charges of any kind, we can help, so call the Law Offices of Bruce Isaacks today!


The Penalties for Burglary Related Crimes in Texas

Burglary is considered a serious, violent crime in the state of Texas and as such, it carries with it the possibility of severe penalties if a guilty verdict is rendered. These include stiff fines and time in state prison. Because burglary is a felony, in first-degree cases, a guilty verdict can carry fines into the tens of thousands of dollars and 5+ years in jail.

Your good name, liberty, and prosperity are too valuable to risk. If you are facing Burglary charges, you need Bruce to help prepare for and defend against any Burglary or Burglary related charges like Breaking & Entering, and Unlawful Trespass.


Criminal Defense You Can Count On

Bruce Isaacks is Board Certified, Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is a practicing Criminal Defense Attorney in Denton, Texas, and a Former District Attorney. Bruce prides himself on his reputation of providing tough-as-nails criminal defense and has spent years aggressively defending the rights of clients facing felony burglary, breaking & entering, and unlawful trespass charges in Denton, TX and the rest of North Texas. Bruce has the legal expertise, drive, and North Texas court system know-how needed to get his clients the best possible outcomes for their cases.


If you would like to discuss the specifics of your case or are in need of legal representation, please give the Law Offices of Bruce Isaacks a call today. We’re standing by, ready to take your call.